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Slash Your USPS Shipping Costs with T-HUB and the New Blue Program

With T-HUB and the New Blue program featuring USPS Priority Mail, you can save thousands of dollars monthly when shipping packages to your customers. Together, they can reduce your shipping costs an average of 42% versus FedEx or UPS and up to 50% over retail USPS rates. This means you can offer your customers lower prices, simple package tracking, quick on-time delivery, and excellent experience to drive future revenue and business growth. T-HUB and the New Blue program benefit your business by reducing costs resulting in larger margins and profits.

New Blue Savings table

Other Money Saving Benefits of New Blue

USPS is an excellent and economical option for businesses shipping packages to residential addresses that want quick delivery. Priority Mail includes free package pickup, free Saturday delivery, free package supplies, free package tracking, offers $50 of free insurance coverage, and no fuel, residential, or rural surcharges to save even more money with each package you ship using T-HUB and the New Blue program!

I save 10% to 30% on my shipping costs per package.

T-HUB shows me which shipping carrier is my lowest-cost choice, making processing orders a breeze.
I can see exactly how much money I’m saving with each package I ship!

—Ted, www.nokout.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I sign-up for the New Blue program?
T-HUB manages the New Blue program through a partnership with Endicia. Please visit our New Blue program signup page here to create a new, special account with Endicia supporting New Blue to get started. If you already have an Endicia account, you will need to create a new one that includes New Blue support. Your first 30 day is free, after this period, you will be charged $15.95 per month by Endicia.


Can I use my current Endicia account with New Blue?
No. Existing Endicia accounts cannot be configured for New Blue discounted rates. The New Blue discounted shipping rates are only available through a special account created by visiting our New Blue program signup page here. We recommend that you stop using your current Endicia account once you have anew account featuring New Blue active.


What do I need to do to save money with New Blue?
Once you sign-up for an Endicia account featuring New Blue support, all you need to do so is to ship packages and generate shipping labels from within your T-HUB application using Endicia Label Server. You MUST use T-HUB and Endicia Label Server to get the shipping discounts. New Blue shipping discounts will NOT apply if you ship with Dazzle software or ship from within QuickBooks.


Does the New Blue program include recent USPS price reductions?
Yes. The USPS announced rate changes focused on Priority Mail effective September 7, 2014. T-HUB and the New Blue program automatically included this rate change and will automatically include future rate changes announced by the USPS. The New Blue program is designed to offer the lowest Priority Mail rates possible, and its rates are typically significantly lower than standard USPS rates for Retail Price, Commercial Base Pricing (CBP), and Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP).


Are Flat Rate shipping included in the discount?

Yes Flat rate services are supported by New Blue Shipping and do get discounted price


What about International Shipping?

Yes International shipments also get CPP discounted rates.


What about Regional Rate Shipping?

Yes  – Regional Rate box A, B, C are supported.


Is First Class Shipping supported?

Yes  – First Class Package shipping is supported
No – First Class Mail and Letters are not supported through this program.