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Get Refunds From UPS and FedEx Automatically

Refund Retriever - Partner

FedEx and UPS may owe you money back from your shipping costs and you may not be aware. This means you can reduce your overall shipping costs by automatically recovering credits that would otherwise go unclaimed from FedEx and UPS whenever service guarantees are missed. FedEx and UPS process tens of millions of packages daily so, even with near perfect execution, minor service issues can occur during package handling, transportation, and delivery. Common service issues that can result in higher than expected shipping costs include late deliveries, duplicate charges, non-shipments, incorrect Saturday charges, incorrect address corrections, incorrect dimensional weight charges, incorrect residential vs. commercial surcharges, and more.

Refund Retriever will monitor your UPS and FedEx accounts and automatically file for claims on your behalf. There is no cost to signup, or any monthly, setup, or cancellation fees, and Refund Retriever for itself through recovered credits — plus Atandra clients get an additional 5% refund bonus!

Stop overpaying for Deliveries​

Common shipping carrier service issues that can result in higher than expected shipping costs include:

  • Late deliveries
  • Duplicate charges
  • Non-shipments
  • Incorrect Saturday charges
  • Incorrect address corrections
  • Incorrect dimensional weight charges
  • Incorrect residential vs. commercial surcharges

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Refund Retriever do?
Refund Retriever will automatically detect issues with your shipments, apply for refunds, and verify those refunds appear as credits to your account. For FedEx accounts, the credit is applied to the package’s original invoice, and you can see the credits by viewing invoices in their online portal. For UPS accounts, the credit is applied to a future invoice (we’ll let you know which), and you can see the credits in that invoice’s PDF file or in UPS’s online portal. Of course, Refund Retriever provides you all the details you need to verify the credits.


What does it cost?
ZERO additional cost to you the Shipper. You pay only when you get refund credits from Shipping Carriers. All credit, Refund Retriever is able to secure from the shipping carriers, will show up on your invoices from UPS and FedEx. You get to keep 55% (thats 5% additional bonus for atandra clients) and Refund Retriever will invoice and charge you for 45%. So for example you get $200 credit from UPS and FedEx, Refund retriever will invoice and charge you 45% that is $90 and you get to keep $110.

Who qualifies for this program?
Any shipper with UPS or FedEx is eligible even if you do not ship using Atandra T-HUB application. You just need to have a UPS / FedEx account and login information.


What qualifies for Late Deliver refunds?
Packages that miss guaranteed delivery dates are eligible for a GSR (Guaranteed Service Refund).


What qualifies for Incorrect Saturday Delivery refunds? 
The carrier should have picked up or delivered on a Saturday, and did not.


What qualifies for Incorrect Address Corrections refunds?
The carrier charges fees for an address correction that you had correct on the original manifest.


What qualifies for Incorrect Dimensional Weight Charges refunds?
A mistake occurs in the dim-weight calculation formula is used to alternatively rate packages.


What qualifies for Non-Shipment refunds?
The package entered into the carrier system and billed, but was “voided” and never shipped from your location.


What qualifies for Duplicate Charges refunds?
The package was billed more than once.


What qualifies for Incorrect Residential vs. Commercial Surcharges refunds?
The carrier charges residential rates or fees when the recipient is a business.


How much does Refund Retriever cost?
There are no signup, monthly,  carrier charges residential rates or fees when the recipient is a business.