QuickBooks Online

T-HUB syncs your website and QuickBooks Online so you can easily run your ecommerce operations.

  • Keep QuickBooks up-to-date 
and accurate.
  • Ship customer orders faster and smarter.
  • Manage products and inventory easily.
  • Work with multiple online channels at once.
  • Supports with many marketplaces and online stores.

Atandra is a GOLD developer for Intuit, highest level of certification offered by Intuit after a detailed review an survey of existing customers.

T-HUB Editions:

Available in web based online cloud version and a windows desktop version.


T-HUB is our desktop version that runs on windows operating systems. It is compatible with all US versions of QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier and Enterprise). T-HUB is available in Standard, Pro and Advanced editions. T-HUB Desktop does NOT support QuickBooks Online


T-HUB Online 
is available as online SaaS application. T-HUB Online supports QuickBooks Online at this time.

Multi-Channel Integration with QuickBooks

T-HUB Online is multi-channel ready. Manage all your online stores and marketplaces from one place. Manage orders posting and shipping preferences by channel. For example you can post orders from one website to QuickBooks Online as Sales Receipts and orders from another website to the same QuickBooks Online company as Invoices.

Manage Website Orders easily and integrate with QuickBooks

T-HUB online can easily transfer your website/online marketplace orders to QuickBooks Online. The transactions in QuickBooks Online is recorded in complete detail including billing address, shipping address, Items sold, Discount, Shipping charges and ofcourse Taxes. With this integration in place, your Books in QuickBooks Online is always up to date with current sales information.

  • Automatically record website orders to QuickBooks Online to create Sales Receipt or Invoice
  • Record Shipping charges, Discount and Taxes
  • Create new customers in QuickBooks based on flexible naming scheme.
  • Map your website Payment methods to payment methods in your QuickBooks Online company.
  • Map Items between website and your QuickBooks company.

Ship Packages and update Customer Tracking

Your Ecommerce operation is as good as your order fulfillment process. The quicker you can ship out orders and notify customers, the happier your customers are and you are ready to process more orders.

  • Print Packing lists. Customizable by each online channel.
  • Print shipping labels with UPS, FedEx, USPS. For shipping with USPS, you need an account with Endicia or Stamps.com.