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Integrating your AspDotNetStorefront Shopping Cart with QuickBooks and Shipping Services

Streamline order management by integrating your AspDotNetStorefront online store, QuickBooks and Shipping Services. T-HUB order manager for AspDotNetStorefront provides a simple interface to download AspDotNetStorefront orders into QuickBooks. T-HUB allows easy shipping of Orders from AspDotNetStorefront with shipping services from FedEx, UPS or USPS.

aspdotnetstorefront with T-HUB

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T-HUB Editions:

Available in windows desktop version and an Online Cloud version 


T-HUB is the desktop version that runs on your windows computer. T-HUB is available in Standard, Pro and Advanced editions. T-HUB works with QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks POS. Supports shipping with UPS, FedEx and USPS. Access to best USPS rates thanks to Commercial Plus Pricing.

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T-HUB Online is cloud based SaaS offering.application. T-HUB Online works with QuickBooks Online. Ship packages with UPS, FedEx and USPS. Access to best USPS rates thanks to Commercial Plus Pricing.

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T-Hub Makes a real difference

If you’re a little guy, someone just starting out in ecommerce, do yourself a favor and look into T-Hub. I use the Advance version and would recommend to anyone using QuickBooks POS and a compatible shopping cart to do the same. Updating online inventory is a beast of a task if you own a brick and mortar. There are few things worse than getting an order online and not having the item in stock. But with T-Hub, inventory is a breeze. Each item is tracked in QuickBooks POS and T-Hub maintains the inventory link between QuickBooks and your online store. It’s as easy as a few clicks. This was THE REASON we went with T-Hub, but what I didn’t expect were some of the other benefits. Uploading items is really nice in T-Hub and I do recommend you look into that option. Say I have widget X in 4 different sizes and 3 color options per size. Do you know how long it takes to set up that product in any shopping cart?! In ASPDotNetStoreFront, that would take me about 25 minutes to enter the 1 item, the 3 color variants, the 4 size options, the description and then the inventory per size/color. and that’s really pretty quick. But with T-Hub, the same process takes about 2 minutes, because T-Hub fills in everything for you, including the description you have in QuickBooks. T-Hub is easily 10 times faster at adding items to the website than even the fastest person could manually do the same. If you are using FedEx for shipping, you’re going to love the FedEx ship manager integration and what’s more, the FedEx tech support loves T-Hub. When FedEx came to set up our shipping, the tech support wanted to know what I was using to import and send the order to their software because she had never, in 15 years of doing ecommerce integration, seen any software that worked so well with T-Hub. Am I being a little over the top with my review? No. I’ve been using, managing and reviewing shopping carts for a decade and in my opinion, T-Hub is the missing link between a brick and mortar and an online store. T-Hub has become so integral a part of all the projects I do, that I only recommend shopping carts that are compatible with T-Hub. T-Hub saves you a lot of time in time spent maintaining inventory and stock on your online store. T-Hub makes ecommerce easy for the little guy and that’s the bottom.Philip Nicholson, Www.hostelboardcompany.com
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Easy configurable QuickBooks Integration

Available in T-HUB (Standard, Pro and Advanced) and T-HUB Online

  • Record Orders from AspDotNetStorefront into QuickBooks as Sales Receipt, Invoice or Sales Order
  • Record Payment in QuickBooks for Paid Orders
  • Customers in QuickBooks create new or update existing
  • Create new products in QuickBooks or Map to existing products in QuickBooks
  • Record Items sold, Shipping charges, Discount and Taxes
QuickBooks transaction type screenshot

Centralized shipping and Order fulfillment for AspDotNetStorefront Orders

Available in T-HUB (Pro and Advanced) and T-HUB Online

  • Print Packing list with your company name and logo.
  • Print shipping labels with UPS, FedEx and USPS with no double data entry.
  • Support for FedEx Smart Post
  • Partial shipping of orders (available in T-HUB Online)
  • Multi-package shipping of orders with FedEx and UPS
  • Automated update of tracking numbers to your website with AspDotNetStorefront and notify customers of shipped order immediately.
  • Work with Shipping Manager inside of QuickBooks (available in T-HUB)

FedEx shipping screenshot

Manage Inventory in QuickBooks and update to AspDotNetStorefront

Available in T-HUB (Advanced)

  • Update Inventory stock changes from QuickBooks to AspDotNetStorefront. Option to update On hand quantity or Available quantity from QuickBooks
  • Update Price changes from QuickBooks to AspDotNetStorefront.
  • Create new products on AspDotNetStorefront from QuickBooks. Configurable products on AspDotNetStorefront can be created if you are using QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Automated Inventory update on AspDotNetStorefront
  • Inventory in QuickBooks is reduced by posting online orders from AspDotNetStorefront into QuickBooks
Inventory Control screenshot

Integration Compatibility

T-HUB is certified and compatible with the following:

Quickbooks Gold Developer logo
QuickBooks Point of Sale package
QuickBooks Premiere package
QuickBooks Enterprise package
Quickbooks Online logo
FedEx logo
UPS Ready logo
Endicia Certified Partner logo
Stamps.com logo