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QuickBooks Integrated Order Manager for Amazon

Streamline order management by integrating your Amazon seller account (Amazon.com and Amazon WebStores), QuickBooks and Shipping Services. T-HUB order manager for Amazon provides a simple interface to download Amazon orders into QuickBooks. T-HUB allows easy shipping of Orders from Amazon with shipping services from FedEx, UPS or USPS
(shipping with USPS requires an account with Endicia or Stamps.com).

T-HUB is compatible with Amazon US site.


Save on your Shipping costs with the New Blue Shipping Program. T-HUB delivers significant savings on USPS shipping with Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) rates normally available to large volume sellers thorugh the New Blue Shipping Program. Click here for more information and sign up.

Amazon with T-HUB

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T-HUB Editions:

Available in windows desktop version and an Online Cloud version 


T-HUB is the desktop version that runs on your windows computer. T-HUB is available in Standard, Pro and Advanced editions. T-HUB works with QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks POS. Supports shipping with UPS, FedEx and USPS.

Click here to Learn More about T-HUB


T-HUB Online is cloud based SaaS offering.application. T-HUB Online works with QuickBooks desktop. Ship packages with UPS, FedEx (coming soon) and USPS.

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Really pleased with T-HUB – outstanding support

We have been really pleased with T-HUB. As soon as an order is received it is seamlessly uploaded to Quickbooks, both from our own web store and our Amazon store. Items are created, customers are created, packing slip is ready and we can ship the order that day if necessary. No delay in having to batch upload orders for next day processing. We use UPS Worldship and it is so quick and easy to get the labels created and batch print the packing slips. I know it is saving us one employee! The support staff has been outstanding, always prompt, pleasant and continually working to upgrade the product, i.e. auto backup recently. Keep up the good work!Sally, Myteamprints.com  Show All

Easy configurable QuickBooks Integration

Available in T-HUB (Standard, Pro and Advanced) and T-HUB Online

  • Record Orders from Amazon into QuickBooks as Sales Receipt, Invoice or Sales Order
  • Record Payment in QuickBooks for Paid Orders
  • Customers in QuickBooks create new or update existing
  • Create new products in QuickBooks or Map to existing products in QuickBooks
  • Record Items sold, Shipping charges, Discount and Taxes
QuickBooks transaction type screenshot

Centralized shipping and Order fulfillment for 3dCart Orders

Available in T-HUB (Pro and Advanced) and T-HUB Online

  • Print Packing list with your company name and logo.
  • Print shipping labels with UPS, FedEx and USPS with no double data entry.
  • Support for FedEx Smart Post
  • Partial shipping of orders (available in T-HUB Online)
  • Multi-package shipping of orders with FedEx and UPS
  • Automated update of tracking numbers to your website with 3dCart and notify customers of shipped order immediately.
  • Work with Shipping Manager inside of QuickBooks (available in T-HUB)
FedEx shipping screenshot

Manage Inventory in QuickBooks and update to 3dCart

Available in T-HUB (Advanced)

  • Update Inventory stock changes from QuickBooks to 3dCart. Option to update On hand quantity or Available quantity from QuickBooks
  • Update Price changes from QuickBooks to 3dCart.
  • Create new products on 3dCart from QuickBooks. Configurable products on 3dCart can be created if you are using QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Automated Inventory update on 3dCart
  • Inventory in QuickBooks is reduced by posting online orders from 3dCart into QuickBooks
Inventory Control screenshot

Integration Compatibility

T-HUB is certified and compatible with the following:

Quickbooks Gold Developer logo
QuickBooks Point of Sale package
QuickBooks Premiere package
QuickBooks Enterprise package
Quickbooks Online logo
FedEx logo
UPS Ready logo
Endicia Certified Partner logo
Stamps.com logo