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Compare T-HUB and T-HUB Online

T-HUB and T-HUB Online are both designed to ease and streamline your ecommerce operations. T-HUB needs to be installed on your local windows computer, T-HUB Online can be accessed and used from any internet connected computer. Refer to the list below to see differences between T-HUB and T-HUB Online.

T-HUB logo
T-HUB Online logo
Installation and Data
Online Cloud app. Accessible from any internet connected device. Yes
Automated Online backup of data Yes
Windows Desktop application. Need to install on your local computer Yes
QuickBooks Integration
Compatible with QuickBooks desktop (US edition Pro/ Premier/ Enterprise) Yes
Compatible with QuickBooks Point of Sale Yes
Compatible with QuickBooks online Yes
Shipping Integration
UPS Online Yes Yes
UPS WorldShip (desktop software from UPS) Yes
FedEx Online Yes Yes
FedEx Ship Manager (desktop software from FedEx) Yes
USPS with Endicia Label Server Yes Yes
USPS with Endicia Dazzle Yes
USPS with Stamps.com Yes
Inventory Control
Add products from QuickBooks to website Yes
Update product quantity/price from QuickBooks to website Yes
Features – Posting website orders to QuickBooks
Post orders as Sales Receipt, Invoice or Sales Order in QuickBooks Yes Yes
Create new customers in QuickBooks Yes Yes
Map to existing customers in QuickBooks Yes
Post all sales to One customer in QuickBooks Yes Yes
Create new products in QuickBooks Yes Yes
Prompt for product mapping between website product and product in QuickBooks Yes Yes
Record Shipping, discount and taxes Yes Yes
Map custom fields Yes
Set Inventory Site for QuickBooks Enterprise with Yes
Advanced Inventory Yes
Create Purchase Orders in QuickBooks Yes
Features – Shipping
Print packing lists and Pick lists Yes Yes
Print shipping labels Yes Yes
Batch shipping with multiple carriers Yes
Partial Shipping, multiple shipments for one online order Yes Yes
Ship from multiple warehouse locations Yes
Update tracking to website / online marketplace Yes Yes
Manually mark orders as shipped Yes Yes
Shipping automation defaults based on rules Yes
Print labels on laser printer Yes Yes
Print labels on thermal printer 4×6 Yes Yes
Integrated packing list and shipping label on same paper Yes Yes
Features – Other
Automator for automatic order download and posting to QuickBooks Yes Yes
Gross profit estimates Yes
Phone Order entry Yes
Pulling tracking from QuickBooks Yes