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Customer Reviews



Atandra’s T-Hub is a great e-commerce tool
Jorge vargas – Enforce Global

We tried another product prior to T-hub and it was a disaster. T-hub is simple to use product and interfaces seamlessly with Quickbooks. Using this product has significantly cut down on the ordering and invoicing processing times. We have used this product for almost 2 years without any problems. The best part of doing business with Atandra is that their support has been excellent. All questions are answered in a timely manner. We requested some product customization and it was done at a reasonable price. Thanks Atandra!



T-HUB is a game changer, couldn’t have grown successfully without T-HUB
Michael Mahoney – CEO, Ideal Body Wellness

My weight loss clinic was growing quickly and processing hundreds of orders monthly from our online shopping site. Manual entry of our transactions into Quickbooks was quickly becoming time consuming – to the point where we could no longer keep up. In addition, adding new products, dealing with refunds, etc. was a error-prone and burdensome. Our CPA told us several other clients were successfully using Atandra T-Hub, and recommended we take a look. What a game-changer! We saved many hours each month – reducing our bookkeeping fees – and we were able to keep our books and shopping cart in sync. Quite simply, we couldn’t have grown successfully to this point without T-Hub. Thanks Atandra!



Atandra’s T-Hub emerged as the best solution after a lot of research and trials
Steve – EliteEngineering

USAAs with many business owners, I was trying to find the perfect tool to quickly and easily get my on-line orders into Quickbooks. I did a lot of research and tried a lot of software and T-Hub emerged as the best solution. The learning curve was very short and their customer support is terrific. I was having problems with the configuration during the trial period and I was pleasantly surprised how much support I received prior to becoming a customer. Twice during the trial period, Atandra performed a remote session to solve some issues I was having. I could not be happier with the results and would highly recommend this software to anyone. Thanks again, you made our lives much easier.



Atandra’s T-HUB is a fantastic piece of software, using for over 3 years
Steve Clemens – Secco International, Inc

We Have been using Atandra’s T-HUB software for 3 years. It is a fantastic piece of software. We list our products on EBay, Amazon, and various other proprietary websites. We have shopping carts based on OS Commerce, Volusion, and Infopia. All of these platforms are aggregated in T-HUB. We ship by UPS, FedEx, and USPS all from within T-HUB. We then upload the information to QuickBooks and we are done. Their customer service is excellent . As we have added stores we have called on T-Hub for advice and guidance, They are friendly and very knowledgeable. They go out of their way to help. As we have grown they have grown with us. THub saves us time and money and gives us the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they care about our customer service as much as we do.

Atandra’s T-Hub is worth EVERY pentomny!
Tom Ramies – west280.com

Atandra’s T-Hub is worth EVERY penny! You can not process on-line orders this fast any other way. Just few clicks (no typing) and your orders are fulfilled. You don’t have to spend half the day copy and pasting and then have to enter all those transactions into Quickbooks. Just one click and all your orders are synced into Quickbooks. If you have an online store or are creating one, forget the free trial BUY IT! The comprehensive training and support are top notch! They have solved which seems to be the impossible. Even after hours!

billyT-Hub is the most treasured component of our e-commerce platform
Billy Carmen – samplerewards.com

Atandra’s T-Hub is definitely the most appreciated and treasured component of our e-commerce and accounting system. It is the most valuable asset we have incorporated into our order system. We shudder to think how complicated our daily order processing would be without T-Hub. Actually we remember very well all the quadruple entry and endless tracking we had to do before we discovered T-Hub. It not only paid for itself many times over right from the start, it has also allowed us to concentrate on the vital and creative aspects of our business. Everything from our customer service, order processing to our own sanity has benefited from the use of T-Hub. Integration of T-Hub into our e-commerce solution and into our Amazon storefront was simple and quick. Equally valuable has been the superior service and expedient support that the Atandra team have provided.


T-Hub reduced our order processing time by 80%
Joseph Trentacosta – CEO – UltraD Inc

We were searching endlessly for software that would allow us to both print packing slips and shipping labels in bulk. We are an Amazon.com Pro Merchant Seller and we receive on average 100-200 orders daily, and during the holidays that number can surpass 500. And unfortuantely, Amazon.com does not directly offer any software to accomplish what we needed. We would manually print each packing slip and proceed to copy and paste the mailing address into our shipping program. After finding T-HUB and using their trial period, we found that Atandra’s T-HUB software has reduced our order processing time by 80%!!! Definitely a must for any small or large business that needs to process orders quickly, especially during the heavy selling seasons. I will absolutely be posting several threads to the Amazon Merchant Forums plugging this software. Thanks again Atandra!!! Keep up the great work.

rajanT-HUB processes over 150 orders a day in less than 1 hour
Rajan Shah – V.P.Operations at BackyardBargain.com

T-HUB is one of the most important software we use to run BackyardBargain.com. Our shopping cart, Aspdotnetstorefront is very good shopping cart but lacks ERP backend. By connecting QuickBooks to Aspdotnetstorefront T-HUB makes complete ERP system for Online Retailers. Today we get more than 150 orders per day and I am glad we chose T-HUB, QuickBooks and Aspdotnetstorefront combination to run our web site. With the use of T-HUB we can process 150 orders in FedEx or UPS computer in less than 1 hour.



T-HUB is right there every step of the way with great, personal support

Chris – flyaoamedia.com

For a small business owner just starting out, T-HUB is a great solution. It has intuitive features, and works right out of the box. Anything I can do to save time as a business owner is very important for me, and T-HUB assists our company in saving valuable time on making more product. Not everything goes as planned, as any ecommerce store is unique, so T-HUB is right there every step of the way with great, personal support. Great job, T-HUB!

T-HUB is 10 times faster than competition
David Fierstien – Powercall Sirens

We encountered T-Hub via the Godaddy quick shopping cart. We had to unexpectedly change programs to start using T-Hub. We were hesitant at first, but now that we are using the program, it is 10 times faster, much easier to use and has cut down on wasted time that we were experiencing with the other companies software. Our entire staff is excited to use the new program and are much happier with it’s speed, functionality and ease of use. T-HUB is a much faster, much more comprehensive and extremely better program than others we have used in the past. We hope to change our entire company to T-HUB in the near future.

Using t-hub has greatly improved our efficiency and accuracy with our order processing

Jilian Jones – Wild Idea Buffalo Co.

Using t-hub has greatly improved our efficiency and accuracy with our order processing system. Orders are easily downloaded to t-hub from our online shopify store and rapidly uploaded to quickbooks. T-hub has significantly reduced the amount of time in processing our online orders. In addition, we are able to send shipping information to our FedEx & UPS systems for each order. This allows our shipping department to quickly print shipping labels. This too has improved our efficiency and accuracy in our shipping department. I would highly recommend this program to any company processing e-retail sales.

T-HUB Saves me 10 to 30% on my shipping costs

Ted – Nokout.com

I save 10% to 30% on my shipping costs per package compared to UPS, since I started using New Blue Shipping program with T-HUB.Love the new Shipping cost comparison tool, it tells you when to use which carrier. Processing orders is a breeze, wish I started sooner.

Atandra’s Customer Support was so incredible

Lisa – rcboyz.com

Atandra’s Customer Support was so incredibly helpful when our database lost connection. We have large imports from eBay and time was important. They stayed late and used group thinking to get the problem solved. It was so refreshing to have a customer support team that actually functioned as a team to solve my problem. I felt like I was their number one priority. I’ve never been so grateful for a customer support package. I highly recommend their software and their customer support.

 Thank you for excellent product and great support

Julie – kickboardusa
Thank you for the excellent and comprehensive training you gave the team. Thank you for a great product. We have been using for over three years and the new version is quite impressive. Our company leaders have been very impressed with the new T-hub and with the training and are so appreciative of all the ways it is facilitating the order processing. We just wanted to say thank you all for your excellent product and service.


T-HUB saves me from hiring another employee
Todd – ironhelmets.com
They say that time is money. As the father of a one-year-old and two-year-old, I 100% agree. T-Hub in combination with my Big Commerce store saves me at least 15 hours a week. I has saved me from hiring another employee and therefore save me plenty of money a month. I can not say how happy I am with T-Hub because I am ecstatic with T-Hub.


T-HUB Support was very dedicated and focused on solving our issues
Kelly – discountskatewear.com
Today I worked with your support team (support13) to reinstall thub because we had a computer crash. He/she logged in remotely to take over my machine and had us up and running in no time. At one point we had to disconnect because I needed to reinstall a shipping program and the system required me to restart my machine. I was reluctant because I was worried I would not be able to get through to support again. But to my delight as soon as I requested another session support 13 was right back with me and finished the install. He/she kept me informed of the install progress the whole time via an on screen note and the whole process was virtually seamless and stress-free. Thanks so much!!!!!!


T-Hub has enabled us to be successful at a multi-sales channel strategy
Dennis Bell – http://www.edogsncats.com and http://www.amazon.com/shops/edogsncats
Overall T-Hub has enabled us to be successful at a multi-sales channel strategy using what we consider compatible “best of breed” software solutions. T-Hub is a critical component of our multi-sales channel strategy. T-Hub’s ability to process our Ecommerce Template website, eBay and Amazon transactions quickly each day has reduced the labor required for this type of strategy significantly. We have also been able to use T-Hub to tailor our downloaded Quickbooks Invoice transactions so as to support our inventory and shipping systems improving their accuracy


Really pleased with T-HUB – outstanding support
Sally – myteamprints.com
We have been really pleased with T-HUB. As soon as an order is received it is seamlessly uploaded to Quickbooks, both from our own web store and our Amazon store. Items are created, customers are created, packing slip is ready and we can ship the order that day if necessary. No delay in having to batch upload orders for next day processing. We use UPS Worldship and it is so quick and easy to get the labels created and batch print the packing slips. I know it is saving us one employee! The support staff has been outstanding, always prompt, pleasant and continually working to upgrade the product, i.e. auto backup recently. Keep up the good work!


Great Support
Matilda – marineliftanddocksupply.com
I wish to extend my thanks to your support staff for finally finding the mismatch problem between our QuickBooks and THUB item mapping. As I have told you, THUB is a great product. Sometimes the details just have to be worked out. It is nice to know that you have a support staff that does not give up on us pesky customers that need extended customer service for out-of-the-ordinary issues. We really appreciate it.


T-HUB one of the best investment for my business
Meredith – gogonatural.com
I can honestly say that T-Hub has been one of the best investments I have made for my business. It has saved me countless hours of double-data entry. I can now focus my time generating even more revenue knowing I have the back-end programming to support it. I have only needed to seek technical support on 2 instances. In both cases by emails were answered within minutes or a few hours, and my technical issues were ironed out just as fast with on screen help as I sat back and watched. I would recommend T-Hub to everyone.


T-HUB is invaluable tool and support extremely responsive
Laurie Rose – oldenapleschocolate.com
T-Hub is an invaluable tool that helps run my business faster and more effectively. This program reduces our workload and human error. We have had great success with this program and the support team has been extremely quick to respond to our needs and fix any problems that have arisen. I would highly recommend the program to others.


T-HUB Perfect solution
Pippa Gray – ShiptoShoreTraveler.com
T-Hub was the perfect business solution for our online gearing up outfitting service for expedition travelers to Antarctica. It linked our orders to QuickBooks seamlessly.


Support above and beyond. Good job on a well versed staff
Ryan – readytocover.com
Just wanted to drop a line and say Jamal did a spectacular job assisting me with T-Hub the other day. We were having complications from some previous virus damage and he went above and beyond in his assistance which truly makes me feel appreciated as a customer. Good job on a well versed staff! Thanks again


Easy Installation
Oscar – greenglass.com
Just to let you know that the installation went well. Everything is connected. The instructions were very well written.


T-Hub is the perfect match for Ebay and QuickBooks
Trey McClurkin – 7ballmusic.com
I am a small business that has been selling primarily on eBay for over 3 years and looking for a way to reduce the time it takes to enter orders into my quickbooks. I have two supply warehouses that drop-ship most of my items so I was keying orders and using the copy/paste method which took me about 10mins per order. I purchased T-Hub for Ebay about 3months ago and it simply has changed my life…..for the better that is! It now takes only about 2-3 minutes to process the order from my ebay store, print a 4×6 thermal shipping label via fedex shipmanager, enter the customer info as a sales receipt in my Quickbooks Premier 2010 edition, and most importantly marks the order shipped and automatically enters the tracking number on the ebay sales transaction! It’s so awesome! I can’t recommend it more for anyone that sells on ebay and uses quickbooks. I’m now looking to buy a new shopping cart for my website that integrates with T-Hub because I’m so pleased with the results.

T-HUB a STRONG product

Michael – albrighttackle.com

Atandra is a strong product and works well with QuickBooks. Their Support Staff is fast to respond. We have been working with Atandra for the past 3 years and would not consider changing at this time.

T-HUB drastically simplified tasks

Fredrich – opknife.com

Outstanding products. T-Hub drastically simplified our daily tasks.

T-HUB saves us lot of time

Jim Anderson –Work great!

T-Hub saves a lot of time over entering each customer and order in Quickbooks individually

T-HUB reduced data entry time by 75%

James – tonerboss.com

An important component in our day-to-day order processing. T-hub cut down our data entry time by 75%.

T-HUB integrates well with our ecommerce store and QuickBooks POS

Natasha – 2chix.com

Atandra saves us a TON of time in marrying our online orders to our point of sale system. We don’t know how we’d do it without them!

T-HUB eliminated cost of 1 extra person

Sandra – countrysidewalk.com

This software has eliminated the need to add an extra person over the Christmas holiday.

T-HUB well worth the money

Denny – bluebullfrogs.com

I don’t know how I managed three stores without T-HUb. It puts everything together and saves hours a day. It takes some time to get it set up, but support is very helpful. I still have a few issues, but well worth the money.

Great improved accuracy and efficiency

Rob – huggableteddybears.com

I have spent 10 K trying to have a program like this created to meet our needs. 8 months later the beta version still did not work…I found THUB. Cut my loss with the other developer and had THUB installed and running in 3 days. It has greatly improved my companies organization, accuracy and efficency. Great Product.

T-HUB a perfect solution

Amber – popdeluxe

T Hub saved my life online! After suffering a few years of inaccurate inventories and sales reports, T Hub was a perfect solution to connect my online store with my brick and mortar.

T-HUB a real time saver

Ann Marie – am-pmauctions
This is a great product for exporting eBay sales to QuickBooks. Has some quirks about it, but overall have found it to be a real time saver.

T-HUB saves us time

Diane Moura – atlantisnatural.com

Before T-HUB, updating Quickbooks was a very manual and dreaded task. Now, not only is Quickbooks up to date from our multiple sales channels with a click of a button but we can perform daily analysis of sales and customer trends allowing us more immediate input to our business decisions. One feature that is not really promoted on the site but that is very valuable to us is the Gross Profit per order calculation that takes into account price, COGS and even online marketplace or merchant fees. This allows us to quickly scan down our daily orders, identify pricing that is out of line, and make adjustments before we significantly impact profit. Highly recommended.

T-HUB saves me hours and hours of work each week

Kyle – kjmotorsports.com

Atandra T-hub is the most valuable piece of software we use in our ecommerce business. We use it to manage 2 oscommerce stores as well as our ebay account. It does everything we need it to and more. Atandra support is always there for any issues but we rarely need to contact them. I would recommend T-hub to any Ecommerce business with a need for increased productivity. Currently T-hub saves me hours and hours of work each week.

T-HUB saves 4.5 hours daily

Alan – rockymountainwheel.com

Just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for all of your help in setting our company up with the T HUB program. I also want to let you know that we have been amazed at how quickly we have been able to incorporate this program into our work flow. The day we began using this program we immediately reduced our daily data entry time by 4.5 hours. Needless to say we are very please with the results we have had since implementation.

T-HUB saved us from having to hire an additional person

Tawni Hundley – Everythingcarts.com

We purchased T-Hub early this year and it has definitely saved us from having to hire an additional person to manage orders. T-Hub’s integration with the website, UPS, and QuickBooks is seamless! The installation was quick and easy and when I did have a few questions, their customer support was excellent. I definitely recommend T-Hub if you want to save time and money.

T-Hub Makes a real difference

Philip Nicholson – www.hostelboardcompany.com

If you’re a little guy, someone just starting out in e-commerce, do yourself a favor and look into T-Hub. I use the Advance version and would recommend to anyone using QuickBooks POS and a compatible shopping cart to do the same. Updating online inventory is a beast of a task if you own a brick and mortar. There are few things worse than getting an order online and not having the item in stock. But with T-Hub, inventory is a breeze. Each item is tracked in QuickBooks POS and T-Hub maintains the inventory link between QuickBooks and your online store. It’s as easy as a few clicks. This was THE REASON we went with T-Hub, but what I didn’t expect were some of the other benefits. Uploading items is really nice in T-Hub and I do recommend you look into that option. Say I have widget X in 4 different sizes and 3 color options per size. Do you know how long it takes to set up that product in any shopping cart?! In ASPDotNetStoreFront, that would take me about 25 minutes to enter the 1 item, the 3 color variants, the 4 size options, the description and then the inventory per size/color. and that’s really pretty quick. But with T-Hub, the same process takes about 2 minutes, because T-Hub fills in everything for you, including the description you have in QuickBooks. T-Hub is easily 10 times faster at adding items to the website than even the fastest person could manually do the same. If you are using FedEx for shipping, you’re going to love the FedEx ship manager integration and what’s more, the FedEx tech support loves T-Hub. When FedEx came to set up our shipping, the tech support wanted to know what I was using to import and send the order to their software because she had never, in 15 years of doing ecommerce integration, seen any software that worked so well with T-Hub. Am I being a little over the top with my review? No. I’ve been using, managing and reviewing shopping carts for a decade and in my opinion, T-Hub is the missing link between a brick and mortar and an online store. T-Hub has become so integral a part of all the projects I do, that I only recommend shopping carts that are compatible with T-Hub. T-Hub saves you a lot of time in time spent maintaining inventory and stock on your online store. T-Hub makes ecommerce easy for the little guy and that’s the bottom.

Excellent solution

Grant R. Gaynor – CTO – tvears.com

We here at TV Ears, Inc. are very happy with the use of T-Hub with our current Shopping cart, VPASP, and found the transition from our former cart (MIVA) to be very smooth. We continue to use T-Hub every day and would recommend it to any users of VPASP as an excellent solution for importing web orders into QuickBooks. The VPASP import process is simple and reliable, especially since it can be initiated from within T-Hub and doesn’t require any intermediate steps. With well over a Million in web sales every year, we would be lost without the use of T-Hub.

Thrilled with the product

Micah – wakenskate.com

Thank you for writing THUB middleware solution for QuickBooks to VirtueMart. We have been thrilled with the product and our IT Department has always spoken highly of your support. As with any application there will be bugs and your quick turnaround on updates and technical support has been crucial to our success this year. We have just processed over 150 online orders so far and cannot thank you enough.

T-Hub integrates perfectly

Chris – cobbq.com

T-Hub has been a great tool for our office and the running of our website. We currently use VPASP shopping cart software and T-Hub integrates perfectly. The setup is very easy compared to other programs of its nature. T-Hub guides you through every step you need to fulfill and adds descriptions where needed. The setup takes a total of five minutes! Once ready, the program literally takes hours off day-to-day procedures. Automating data entry not only makes things much easier, it also avoids typos and other human errors. This in turn to not only speeds up processing time, but also can save money. The program is fast, dynamic and easy to use. Presently, we are reliant on T-Hub, and happy to admit it. I would highly recommend it to anyone using VPASP and QuickBooks.

Very pleased with T-HUB

Alan – MilitaryClothing.com

We purchased this software a few weeks ago and are very pleased. We use it for our Amazon.com orders. It connects directly to Amazon and pulls our orders into this program and allows us to select which ones we want to print AND create a SALES RECEIPT in QuickBooks. Initially, the software did NOT print a BAR CODE with the order number. We emailed their support and within 1-2 days, they added the Bar Code feature which works great. We use this to scan in the order in our shipping department for auto population of ship to information. This program has saved us time both in printing orders and capturing the data into our inventory system. Very nice system!! It eliminated 3-4 systems we have created manually (Word Mail Merge, etc.) that were cumbersome and tedious.

Integration Done Right

Darryl – quicklabs.com

I have an Internet retail business and I am a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. After a frustrating and expensive experience with a competing product to download sales from Amazon into QuickBooks, I discovered Atandra’s T-HUB software. It is simple, straightforward and does the job well. Atandra provided support to install the product and from the get-go there have been no problems. I intend to use T-HUB to download sales from our Yahoo store as well.

Using T-HUB over 3 years, BEST program we’ve ever purchased!

Marla Althouse – Waterbirth Solutions

T-Hub has integrated our online store, our UPS Worldship module and our Quickbook records. Prior to purchasing T-Hub, our orders would download into Quickbooks with a generic part number. T-Hub saves us the tedious chore of checking and correcting each and every line item of a customer’s order; at least 6 hours per week savings. With a click of a button, T-Hub transfers the shipping information from our eStore into UPS Worldship and after verifying the weight, the shipping label is printed. This integration saves us from re-entering shipping information, saving us time and money. Once shipping is done for the day, another click sends all our eStore information into Quickbooks along with the Shipping Tracking number and closes out the order in our eStore. T-Hub eliminates tedious data entry and consistently works. We’ve been using T-Hub for three years and now that it is time to upgrade our website, we will only choose a T-Hub compatible platform. T-Hub is THE BEST program we’ve ever purchased!

Atandra’s Customer Support was so incredible

Alan Bernstein – theaquaponicsource.com

A few days ago, I had a challenge that was preventing me from completing our normal daily account processing. I called THub, explained my issue to the person who took my call, and immediately got a precise answer to my question – which solved my problem. The bonus was that I learned a key bit of information about how our website e-commerce software works even though I was speaking with a person from T-Hub and they dont manage our website. This new knowledge has proven extremely useful on several occasions already. Great job T-Hub!