With T-HUB and Endicia you can simplify order shipping. Plus, by joining the New Blue program featuring USPS Priority Mailyou can save thousands of dollars monthly when shipping packages to your customers. T-HUB integrates your online stores with Endicia and QuickBooks to streamline your business by automating order processing, simplifying package delivery and updating your accounting.

T-HUB Can Reduce Your Shipping Costs up to 50%


New Blue Program

You can save thousands of dollars monthly by using T-HUB to ship packages to your customers. Just signup for the New Blue program featuring Endicia and USPS Priority Mail and reduce your shipping costs an average of 42% versus FedEx or UPS and up to 50% over commercial USPS rates.


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With T-HUB for Endicia you can:

  • Buy postage and view balance for your account.
  • Review package types, weights, and dimensions.
  • Calculate and compare postage rates for all options.
  • Add insurance, signature confirmations, and more.
  • Generate and print shipping labels.
  • Confirm destination address and customs information.

T-HUB Editions:

T-HUB and T-HUB Online are both designed to ease and streamline your ecommerce operations.


T-HUB is our desktop version that runs on windows operating systems. T-HUB is available in Standard, Pro and Advanced editions. T-HUB Standard does not support shipping with UPS. only T-HUB Pro and T-HUB Advanced support shipping with USPS.


T-HUB Online is available as online SaaS application. T-HUB Online supports shipping with USPS.

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As a result, you will reduces order processing and fulfillment times, print Pick Lists and Shipping Labels more conveniently, deliver customer orders quickly and accurately, and manage tracking numbers and delivery confirmations.

Download orders from multiple sales channels, calculate shipping charges and ship packages, and update your QuickBooks inventory and invoices directly from T-HUB. By integrating Endicia into T-HUB, Atandra allows online merchants to dramatically reduce order fulfillment costs by simplifying their shipping processes to point-and-click.

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Key Benefits

  • Automatically download orders from websites and marketplaces
  • Support for Domestic and international shipments
  • Batch processing to ship multiple shipments (domestic/international) in one screen
  • Multiple package shipments
  • Partial shipment or Orders
  • Address validation. Validate US Addresses before shipment.
  • Real-time rate quotes.
  • Print labels on Thermal printer or Inkjet/Laser printer
  • Support for Integrated Packing list and Shipping label