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T-HUB (Software) Plan for Support & Updates

Active monthly T-HUB plan is required for continued use of the software and for requesting technical support. In addition to technical support, the plan offers software updates that allow you to continue to get the latest and greatest features of the program. Keeping your software up-to-date is the only way to insure that your business operations will run smoothly along with other updates for other softwares.

Technical support is offered through our HelpDesk system. All registered customers are advised to setup a profile on our HelpDesk system, this will help us help you faster and better. Once you have submitted a ticket, it gets assigned to a member of our support team. All support tickets get a response within the same business day. Atandra will contact you for further clarifications or a follow-up if needed. Our support team works regular business hours (Mon through Fri 9am to 6pm EST). The HelpDesk system is always available online.

T-HUB renewal plans:

Monthly plan for T-HUB Standard $30/month Atandra
Monthly plan for T-HUB Professional $75/month Atandra
Monthly plan for T-HUB Advanced $109/month Atandra

Can I pick up the phone and call for direct phone support?

We love to talk to all customers to better understand your processes and pain points so we can continuously improve our products and service. Our goal is to provide most optimum and efficient support to all customers while keeping the cost down. You are welcome to call us for any emergency support needs. In most cases we recommend that you submit a support ticket. Just so you know, we have implemented this email based ticketing and support system for the following reasons.

  • Email support allows us to see the history of every support interaction with you so we can refer to previous inquiries easily.
  • Quicker turnaround as some questions can be answered in no time using predefined responses (commonly asked questions or common setup issues). This translates to lower costs (that benefit everyone) and quicker responses for you.
  • You can easily refer to our instructions and do it at your own pace or refer it again if you come across the same issue later.
  • No need to schedule an appropriate time to call you back or put you on hold when we research solutions or busy helping other customers.
  • Sometimes we need to include web links in our responses which is much easier done over the ticketing system emails.
  • Interaction with all customers builds our knowledge base which feeds into providing better support and improving the product.
  • We can automatically lookup your account history and spare you the hassle of providing the same information every time like your license code, purchase date, current support plan status.

What does the support plan cover

Your support plan covers the following

  • Any issue with the functioning of T-HUB software in your installation. Issues can include connection with online channels, downloading of orders, connection with QuickBooks, Shipping labels or any other supported feature in the product.
  • Help on questions related to usage of certain supported features in the product
  • Any data discrepancy between online channels, Shipping or QuickBooks
  • Help with configuration settings in T-HUB
  • All T-HUB program updates for new features, support for newer versions of QuickBooks, shopping carts and shipping services.

Support plan does not include “service time” for reinstalling and configuring everything in the product again. Please see step 1 for taking a backup of your current T-HUB database before installing on new computer. We understand sometimes you may have a computer crash or have a new computer to use and would want to use T-HUB on another computer. Support plan will help with any issues relating to installation of the product. Support plan will not cover the request to connect to your computer and install and configure everything again. Should you need to have our service to connect and reinstall and configure everything as per your requirements, you can request our additional services for $149. Please click below to make payment for installation service if you need.

Adding Store/User License

If you are selling on more online channels and want to connect it to You can add additional store/user license to your T-HUB, you can add store/user license to your account.

Additional store license is $12/month

Additional User license is $9/month

Please contact us if you would like to add more stores/users to your account

Return/Refund Policy

All T-HUB packages are covered by our 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. If you are not satisfied with our product, you can just ask for a refund.