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New Year’s Resolutions Every Virtual Entrepreneur Should Adopt

Things to Do

Every New Year is an opportunity to make a fresh start. New Year’s Day is a good day to put all the bad decisions you made in 2017 behind you and to start looking ahead for new goals and opportunities in 2018. There are so many New Year’s goals to include on your 2018 resolution and one of these goals might include learning to manage your time more efficiently. Your business should, however, have its very own resolution list for 2018 because this new list will help you reinvent targets and aim for a much better and brighter tomorrow.

Here are some fantastic New Year’s resolutions every entrepreneur should adopt.

Join social media

If you don’t have a business social media page yet, then this should be high on your 2018 list. Social media is an absolute must for business, especially those that operate online and market or sell to consumers. There are billions of social media users now and this number is only going to keep rising. The average adult spends about two hours on these social sites each and every day, and this makes it a great place to promote your business.

Improve your tech skills

Technology is always advancing which means that this is the one goal to include on every list in the future. It is estimated that about 9 in 10 adults with average income use more than one device on a daily basis. It is time to embrace technology and all the latest digital marketing methods, digital wallets, and multi-channel selling platforms. It might even be time to consider a mobile app for your company.

Visit your vendors

While everything seems to be going digital, you should strive to maintain positive relationships with key partners, suppliers, and customer. Meet with everyone that makes a significant contribution to your business. Otherwise, some of your most strategic relationships may weaken and negatively affect your business. Face to face interactions are ideal for business, and technology means these can happen using video chats when travel doesn’t make sense.

Analyze your data

Data can give you lots of information on the best marketing methods and strategies. Even if you are not ready to deeply analyze data, start capturing and saving all of the data you can today. Historical data will prove vital once you are ready because you won’t have to wait for future data before you can gain valuable insights.

Automate your business

Look for ways to automate your business because this can save you tremendous amounts of time and money. One good way to begin is going paperless wherever it is possible. Here again, even if you are not ready to automate large portions of your operations, having months or years of paperless records will make things faster, easier, and cheaper in the future.

Get a website update

There’s no credible excuse for your business website to not match or surpass the websites of your competitors. You probably wouldn’t settle for your office to look worse well than your competitor’s office, or your products and services to work less than theirs. If that’s true, then you better make sure your website looks and works better too or your customers may decide to become their customers.

Improve and learn skills

Learning something new regularly can foster a great routine for improving skills. Developing new skills are a good idea too. With some focus, for example, you will soon be able to effectively delegate more of your tactical work to others so you can work on strategic challenges and opportunity, or take some extra time for yourself.

Give back to the others

Start supporting your local community with donations, or by simply using local suppliers, so you can improve the standing of your businesses. You might also create a rewards system for employees and a loyalty system for customers that benefits them and your business. The possibilities are endless.

New Year’s resolutions for your company and you are a great way to generate more success and to continue growing your company. Like all resolutions, you probably won’t stick to all of them for the entire year but the weeks and months you do will result in meaningful benefits.