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Tips for Maintaining Brand Recognition in Marketplaces

Maintaining Brand Recognition

Multichannel selling does have some huge benefits to businesses and especially online businesses, but maintaining brand recognition is not one of them. Some of the biggest benefits that businesses enjoy when they sell products on various virtual marketplaces include the following:

  • Higher revenue due to higher volume sales.
  • Easier product marketing since these marketplaces takes care of a lot of marketing on your behalf.
  • Easier product and client interaction since the digital platforms log all of your orders and client inquiries.
  • Easier business management thanks to software like Atandra that integrates all your online stores, virtual market places, and e-commerce order management.
  • The ability to reach more clients and target the right clients based on the type of channel you use for sales.

One downside to multichannel marketing

An important downside to selling on these channels is the fact that brand recognition can get lost. Let’s look at shopping online on Amazon, for example. When you view products on Amazon, its brand is immediately recognizable and so is the brand of your product. Your business name, however, isn’t quite as obvious, especially when you are a business that sells products manufactured by other companies.

Brand recognition and business recognition is important for building a good relationship with your customers so they will buy again and for navigating your customers to your other products. Let’s look at a brick and mortar shop for example. If you enjoy a shopping trip in an actual store, find good products, and enjoy good service, you will shop from that particular store again. Selling on virtual marketplaces is nothing like this because the name of the virtual store is boosted and not your company name.

Tips for maintaining brand recognition

So how can you promote your specific brand or business name? Well perhaps these tips can help.

  • Include your logo on all products – Each and every product you sell should include your business name or logo. That way, you reduce the chances of competitors stealing your product photographs and you also implement brand recognition on each and every product you sell.
  • Emphasize your business name in all conversations – Every time you interact with a client, you should put emphasis on your company name. You can use phrases like “Thank you for using…your business name…how can we help?” or other similar phrases.
  • Ask customers to consider your other products – Customers that buy on digital marketplaces are not always aware that you might have other products available on that particular marketplace. When a customer buys a product, you can send a short message that refers customers to some of your other products which also highlights your business and puts emphasis on your service delivery.
  • Focus on interaction – Try to engage with customers. Ask them to view your other products, inquire about product satisfaction, and remember to include your business signature in all of your interactions.