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Leverage Your Market with Multichannel Selling

multichannel selling to online buyers

Limiting yourself to just one marketplace means limiting your profits. That’s why smart sellers improve visibility and convert more prospects by selling through a variety of channels, also known as multichannel selling.

Tapping into Multichannel Selling

There was a time not so long ago when internet sellers sold products on their website or eBay. Then along came Amazon, which offered a broad new arena to connect buyers and sellers. And the list of potential marketplaces just keeps growing.

It’s called multichannel selling, and it is boosting profits for e-commerce businesses both big and small. The idea is to offer your products wherever you can. By selling more, in more locations, you attract more buyers. The result is higher profits and greater visibility.

What About Your Website?

You might wonder why you spent all that money on your own website. If you’re going to make sales on a variety of other sites, didn’t you waste your time and cash?

No, you need a website. It establishes your credibility and builds your brand, which leads to loyal customers. People expect a seller to have a website. It’s like having a brick-and-mortar retail/office space for your company. It gives you instant credibility because you don’t look like a fly-by-night huckster.

But let’s face it, Amazon and eBay get far more traffic than your website. And don’t overlook shopping comparison sites like Buy.com and Shopping.com, which are also part of multichannel selling and get a wide range of visitors.

It’s silly not to tap into big marketplaces. Your products and services are far less likely to rank high in the search engines, compared to these giant marketplaces. Leverage their visibility for your own business.

Where Can You Sell?

Many websites let you sell your products through their setup. Some of the biggest are:

  • Amazon, with more than 100,000 sellers making over $100,000 a year. It’s hard to argue with returns like that.
  • Shopify is another very popular example too.

In addition, there are many other marketplaces eager to have you sell through them. Many are niche-oriented, with visitors looking for specific types of products. Here are 5 that do well for sellers:

  • Etsy, a huge marketplace for handmade crafts, artwork, and vintage products.
  • The Grommet, which features new and innovative personal and home products.
  • Polyvore, with a focus on fashion and home furnishings.
  • Newegg, an excellent spot for automotive products, sporting goods and electronics.
  • Houzz, that focuses on home remodels.

Selling your goods on multiple online marketplaces is a smart move. You do need to choose the right ones to suit your products because not all the sites are the right match for what you have to offer. But it’s worth the effort, because taking action gets you greater visibility and more sales.

Worried about tracking sales and money, if you sell in several venues? Atandra can help. We have an order management solution that’s just right for you.