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Greater Productivity Equals More Money for Your Business

greater productivity

E-commerce is one of the best business models for aspiring entrepreneurs. Selling products online benefits from greater productivity and is potentially one of the most lucrative ways of being successful.

But greater productivity is a detail-oriented process, one that takes brainpower, attention to detail, and time. And most owners have far too little time in the day. In the process of putting out fires, it is easy to lose track of essential tasks and decisions.

To help you make the most of your time through greater productivity, here are 5 productivity hacks that will help you leverage your time and efforts wisely. And that means more money in your pocket.

1. Greater Productivity Starts With Getting Unpleasant Tasks Done First

First thing, do your most disagreeable task, your most intimidating task, the one you just don’t want to start. When you get it crossed off your To Do list at the beginning of the day, everything else feels easier. And you don’t waste energy with resisting and procrastinating.

Author and business guru Brian Tracy calls this “eating the frog.” As he points out, once you get the worst task out of the way, you can feel proud of yourself for the rest of the day. You have already completed a major goal.

2. Work Efficiently with Suppliers

Check with your suppliers to find out if you can streamline operations with them. Treat them like a partner, which is actually true. Both of you rely on each other for business success.

One company got help from the U.S. Post Office. What they thought was speeding up delivery was actually causing problems. By working with the post office, the company was able to make better use of technology, saving money, and improve delivery times.

3. Keep Meetings Short

With video conferencing so widespread, it can be tempting to hold meetings whenever a problem crops up. But meetings tend to last longer than scheduled. When you bring people together, it is tempting to talk…and talk…and talk.

The way around this is by coming up with an agenda, even for short meetings. Then stick to it. Another good policy is to schedule meetings for the same time every week. Let this be a clearing space for a wide variety of issues. One longer meeting is often a better use of time than several shorter meetings throughout the week.

4. Reduce Clutter—Mental and Physical

Keep your desk as clear as possible. Insist that your workers do the same. Studies show that cluttered workspaces are distracting. People waste time trying to find missing paperwork. Keep your computer files organized, so you know where to find information quickly.

It’s smart to declutter your brain too. Mind mapping apps can help. They let you do a brain dump, then organize random ideas.

5. Use the 80-20 Rule to Your Advantage

According to the Pareto Principle, 80 percent of effects of an action come from 20 percent of the causes. What that means to you is 80 percent of your clients come from 20 percent of your sales efforts, 80 percent of your revenue and return on your investment comes from 20 percent of your customers.

Figure out what is returning the most on your effort and time. Then concentrate on it to grow it even larger.

Using your time and energy wisely is the way to grow your e-commerce business. Another way to leverage your efforts is by teaming up with Atandra.com, the efficient, productive way to handle e-commerce order management for your small- to medium-size business.