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Boost E-commerce Sales with Better Product Photographs

Better Product Photography

Online shopping has some disadvantages. When you shop online, you cannot check a product out in person. You cannot hold the item in your hand to see its quality. You never know what the exact color might be because different colors appear differently on screens than in real life. It can be tough to spot fake or counterfeit products when you are shopping online. These are the main reasons why so many people still refrain from online shopping in our digital and modern age and why they would rather travel to brick and mortar stores. To inspire people to actually take the risk on your products, you need to supply them with enough information and especially with enough visual input. Yes, we are talking photographs. Lots of better product photographs!

Good photos will boost sales. People are visual creatures and they tend to flock towards better-looking products rather than products that are healthier. When your product photos look better, you improve the chances of getting likes and shares on social media and you boost the chances of getting more sales since your company seems much more professional.

There are lots of tips for better-looking product photos. No, you don’t have to go and spend a fortune on a specialized product photographer. There are plenty of online tips available to help you take better photographs yourself.

Here are the top tips for superb DIY product photographs: 

  • Natural light – Choose an indoor or under roof outdoor area with plenty of light, especially if you are using a smartphone for product photography. Good lighting naturally improves the quality of your photographs and reduces blurring or pixelation. 
  • Use a white background – Want people to focus on your specific product? Then a white background is best. You can even create yourself a mini photo booth with a white painted box or white sheet. The white surroundings will emphasize product colors, and will also reflect light better, which will result in much better-quality photos. There are, however, plenty of online stores that enjoy plenty of success by adding props or other backgrounds to their photography, but it is a bit harder to keep a uniform theme when you use this photography method. 
  • Use a tripod – Blurry photos are a big no! Use a tripod so you can get perfect product shots, especially when you have a lot of photographs to shoot. 
  • No over editing – Too much editing is bad for many reasons. For one thing, the photo ends up looking nothing like the products which can result in a lot of sales returns. Try to keep things as natural as possible. 
  • Take multiple shots – Online viewers want to see your products from all sides because it gives them a much better idea of what the product looks like. Take shots from multiple angles, even if it takes a little bit more of your time.

Good quality photographs are critical for growing your e-commerce sales. If your product photographs are of bad quality, or if the photos are not appealing, your web visitors will move on to a competitor’s site. This is because poor quality photos make you look lazy and unprofessional, and can even create the impression that your business is counterfeit.

Taking some extra time to create better-looking product photographs will be worth every extra minute and every extra penny you spend, especially if you are distributing products at a large scale.