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9 E-Commerce Tips to Boost Sales

What is the most crucial part of inspiring e-commerce to boost sales?  Most people think that the amount of traffic on a website is crucial for getting more sales. Sure, it is important to get web visitors but what most businesses forget is the importance of conversions.  It is important to convert visits into click-through or signup activities, and even more important to get web visitors to complete purchase.

Check out 9 of the sneakiest tricks that e-commerce businesses with high conversion rates use to inspire their clients to hit that Add to Cart button:

1. Provide Product Proof

Most online shoppers are terrified of being scammed out of their money which probably makes this one of the most useful tips for higher sales conversions.  Add proof that the product in question is genuine, worthwhile and a good value by showcasing testimonials, reviews and social interest next to your e-commerce products.

2. Give Guarantees

The chances of getting more sales are much higher if your customer thinks there is no way he or she can lose when buying your product.  Try including a guarantee like a 5-day money back guarantee or a product guarantee reduce perceived risk for buyers.

3. Skip Registrations

There is nothing that will make customers redirect to a competitor faster than a forced registration, especially before they had a good opportunity to view products.  Try skipping registrations or include your registrations after purchase confirmations.

4. Free Stuff is Always Good

A free software trial or gift is always a good idea to seal the deal and convince customers that they simply cannot miss this opportunity. It’s probable you can find items to offer for free that have a low cost to you and a high value to buyers.

5. Add Demo Videos or GIF’s

GIF’s are making a major comeback in website trends.  By adding a GIF or demo video, you can better explain the product and visitors can get a much better visual idea of the product. While high-quality animations and videos are useful, it might be better to have more videos of acceptable quality.

6. Include a Call to Action

Call to action buttons like “Buy Now,” “10% Discount with First Purchase,” or “Buy 2 Get 25% Off” are examples of great ways to encourage clients to buy instantly instead of delaying their decisions. Once a visitor leaves your website, it’s unlikely they will return to complete their purchase.

7. Lead Visitors to Related Items

One of the best ways to encourage more sales or higher valued sales from the same customer is by showcasing related items where the product in question is displayed.  If the relevant product captures the attention of the visitor, he or she might just add the original product and perhaps even one or more related items to their shopping cart.

8. Give Color and Visuals a Try

Many large corporations invest a lot of capital in buyer’s psychology so they can boost sales and much of this information is shared online.  It might be a good idea to check out the best colors and visual aspects to use in your e-commerce store.  Changing action button to blue colors, for example, can boost sales.

9. More Information is Better

Finding a product that doesn’t have enough information remains one of the most annoying things about shopping online. More is better when it comes to product descriptions and technical specs, especially since the buyer cannot hold the product in his or her hand.