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8 E-Commerce Packaging Ideas for the Holiday Season

E-Commerce Packaging Ideas

It probably wasn’t an easy task to choose the right e-commerce packaging ideas and designs for your products. If you think that this part of the business-decision making is over and done with then you might be very wrong. The holiday season is a time for giving, a time to be merry, and a time to make a lot of extra money if you have the right type of business. While your normal business packaging is perfectly fine at any other time of the year, you should invest just a little bit extra time and money during the holiday season. The right type of packaging will make customers appreciate your products and customer service more than ever, and they will definitely come back for more during future gifting.

Here are 10 great e-commerce packaging ideas to use for your online store this holiday season.

  1. Custom printed boxes

The end-of-year holidays are often the busiest times for a lot of businesses. It can be tough to put in extra thought into packaging when orders are streaming in from all direction, but it is definitely worth the extra effort. A good way to lift holiday spirits in any customer is with a custom printed box. Ask your graphic designer to create a holiday design and to leave some space where you can get customer names printed.

  1. Quote holiday songs in notes

A good way to emphasize the holiday season is by including printed notes with lines of holiday music. You can decorate these notes in script fonts and include them on all packages. You might even consider creating a series of holiday packages, each with different quotes. An even better choice might be to include lyric portions of a single song across multiple package versions so your best customers might assemble the entire song!

  1. Use holiday colors

Using a bit of holiday color can capture the attention of your customers. It something any business can try, even if holiday colors don’t match your company colors at all. Your customers will appreciate your holiday spirit and will understand you’re not changing your branding or company colors permanently. This is one of the few times you can introduce new color schemes and switch back without confusing anyone.

  1. Create a holiday logo

Another good idea is to ask a graphic designer to modify your standard logo just a bit with holiday flair, especially if you use this temporary logo on holiday-themed items including packaging. Just as with color changes for the holidays, everyone should understand it’s a temporary change done in good spirits.

  1. Include cards in packages

A simple thank you note on a themed card is another great way to connect your business with the holidays and show off your company’s culture. The best cards should match all of the events during the year-end holiday season. Your best customer might receive hand written notes from your customer support staff, and a few unique customers might get one from the business managers. Personalize for extra credit.

  1. Give decorations a try

It’s true that often the thoughtfulness of a holiday flourish is more appreciated than the quality of the holiday item. This can be especially useful when you don’t have a large budget to purchase and distribute pre-made items. For example, you might choose to decorate standard packages with holiday stickers or ribbons. You can use almost anything that your customers will associate with the holidays.

  1. Use nature to decorate

If you have natural looking or health products, then natural elements like leaves, pine cones, or small wreaths can create a great look for packaging. In this case, you probably want to decorate the items inside the package so your efforts arrive intact. Examples of eco-friendly decorating items include unusual papers, printed fabrics, and natural strings or ropes. Thinking creatively should result in your decorations becoming unique and memorable.

  1. Wrap items and packages

Many customers will like receiving ready-to-gift items wrapped in holiday themed papers. It’s a great time saver for those with busy lifestyles, which happens to match the profile of most online shoppers. If it doesn’t make sense to wrap each of the individual items for their eventual recipient, consider wrapping the shipping container for your direct customer. Even hand-written messages or signatures on the outside of packages will get noticed as unusual and special, but use permanent markers with wide lines of bright inks so your writing survives the trip.

Spread a little bit of extra holiday joy this festive season by adding to the excitement in festive ways your customers will remember all year long. Your customers will definitely love the extra effort.