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7 Holiday Online Shopping Trends and Tips

Consumers are beginning their holiday shopping earlier every year. That’s one reason brick and mortar retailers start adding holiday-themed items to their store shelves two or three months before holiday dates. As a result, you see items for the next holiday appear on shelves as soon as the previous holiday has occurred.

You are certain to miss substantial sales this year if you start your online holiday promotions after physical stores. Halloween shopping began well before Labor Day, and Christmas shopping will begin far in advance of Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday this year.

Here are seven more reasons to get started earlier than ever this holiday season.

1. One in Four Shoppers Began Christmas Shopping Before Halloween

Shoppers increasingly desire to get an early start on their Christmas shopping so make sure you are offering the items they want when they want them.

2. Half of Shoppers Did Most of Christmas Shopping by Cyber Monday

Retailers that wait for the traditional start of Christmas shopping will miss as much as half of their sales opportunities.

3. Most Shoppers Now Research Their Purchases Online

Shoppers are increasingly relying less on friends and relatives when researching their purchases. Offer the information shoppers want.

4. More than a Third of Holiday Spending Occurs Online

Since a majority of shopping research now occurs online, rather than at physical stores, online retailers are converting this activity to sales.

5. Half of Online Shoppers Use Smartphones or Tablets

The popularity of smartphones and tablets means they have become the top devices used during online shopping, so get mobile friendly ASAP.

6. Almost of Online Shoppers Will Purchase From a New Retailer

Online shopping makes it easier to comparison shop for availability, pricing, shipping options, and more. Stay competitive to get new customers.

7. Shoppers Spent $1 Trillion Dollars with Retailers Last Year

Regardless of the state of the economy, shoppers are spending a tremendous amount of money with retailers each year.