6 Marketing Trends to Include in Your 2018 Digital Strategy

Marketing Trends

A good marketing strategy is critical for business success. But designing a good marketing strategy is no simple task. One of the biggest challenges is keeping up with the latest marketing trends. Digital advertising is constantly changing and this means posts and content that does well today may not do so well tomorrow. It is important to always monitor the success of present marketing strategies and to keep updating them to match emerging trends so your marketing will always be relevant as possible.

Here are the top 6 marketing trends that you should adopt in your 2018 marketing strategy.

  1. Integrating marketing into your customer lifecycle

Digital marketing is already incredibly complex and these complexities will only keep increasing. To reach customers, marketers already have to use techniques like journey mapping, consumer analysis, and more. It is estimated that a big 2018 marketing trend will have businesses incorporate their daily marketing into the customer lifecycle in order to maximize reach.

  1. Personalization will be enhanced

Marketing content is mostly generalized in order to apply to many people in a specific target audience. Modern marketing, and analytical solutions and software, are making it much easier and more affordable to personalize more marketing content to suit specific customers. Where more marketing content was once general, it will soon be highly personalized to match individual customers.

  1. Automated targeting

About 50% of companies that use online marketing don’t target their audience for content. They post content and spend on marketing without ever reaching real buyers. For 2018, marketers will focus more on automated targeting which will make targeted marketing far easier and more effective.

  1. Social messaging apps for business

More mobile users want to be accommodated and that is exactly why using more social messaging apps to communicate with customers is good for business. Video content is gaining a lot of popularity and will continue to be a popular marketing trend in 2018. More customers simply prefer the visual and video content.

  1. Customer engagement strategies

Customer engagement is tough, but will gain more attention in 2018 because engagement is what inspires people to trust your company. You should find ways to engage more deeply with your customers in 2018.

  1. Start using marketing technology

Signing in and out of accounts and doing daily posts is very time-consuming. In 2018, you should use comprehensive digital marketing tools that support multiple functions and greater automation. This tool should facilitate content distribution across all of the online sites your customers frequent.

It might take some time to incorporate these six marketing trends into your strategy, but doing so will be worth the effort when more likes, comments, web traffic, and customers appear for your business.