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6 E-Commerce Design Trends to Keep in Mind for 2018

E-Commerce Design Trends

Online shopping is more popular than ever before and experts predict this trend will just keep growing. Online markets are incredibly competitive and businesses are constantly launching aggressive marketing strategies in order to boost website traffic and to ensure that they get the most customers. While it is important to attend to your marketing strategy, it is also important to follow e-commerce design trends and constantly upgrade or improve your e-commerce stores. Customers have almost no tolerance for e-commerce stores that don’t perform fast enough or they find difficult to navigate. Getting website visitors is a simple compared to getting people to actually hit that ‘add to cart’ button.

Here are 7 e-commerce design trends to consider if you want your online store to stay in top shape and to remain competitive next year.

  1. Mobile optimization

It is absolutely critical to have a website that is mobile optimized because more customers use mobile devices for online shopping than ever before. Online customers don’t want to struggle with a website that is designed for desktop access only. With mobile optimization, they can navigate your site as easily as they could be using a laptop or desktop computer and experience hassle-free shopping.

  1. Mobile payment structures

While more shoppers are using mobile devices to log onto your e-commerce site, you can bet that more want to use their devices for payment too. It just makes everything a lot easier when they can buy and pay directly from their smartphones. Make sure your payment getaway feature of your website is also mobile friendly.

  1. Improve your website speed

Your website should appear instantly to visitors. Researchers concluded that most shoppers will give your website only a few seconds to load before they become frustrated and leave. Enhance your website by adding a content distribution network (CDN) system, investing in a bigger hosting package, or switching website hosts.

  1. Simplify your page layout

Don’t take your customers through major detours before they get to the products they want. Be focused and to the point with your website layout so customers can quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for. Always try to simplify your website design so navigation becomes easier.

  1. Use mobile-friendly menus

Hamburger style menus are gaining a lot of popularity because they are so efficient when it comes to mobile use. This menu type is a major design trend to keep in mind if you are looking for an easy and quick website upgrade for 2018.

  1. Motion animation

Caution should be used when you consider this visual design trend. More web users love motion animations. Plus, many don’t mind because data packages are getting more generous and internet speeds are increasingly faster. But too many motion animations can annoy and distract your visitors. If you use them the right way, however, motion creates a much more visually appealing site.

It is important to periodically review and improve your e-commerce site. With frequent website updates, you create the impression of a modern business and you make it so much easier for customers to buy products.