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5 Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Online Store

driving traffic to online store

How can you get more visitors to your online store, without breaking the bank? Basic SEO is still important, but in today’s digital world, it takes more for driving traffic.

With a little creativity, time, and effort, you can generate traffic. And it’s definitely worth it because the result is greater visibility for your store and more sales.

1. Find Influencers for Driving Traffic

Get to know the influencers in your niche. Shoppers online look for recommendations from trusted influencers. In fact, you can get 3 to 10 times the sales with the right endorsement.
Good places to look are on Instagram and Facebook. Search for a good match, then offer to send them a sample of your product or give them a free trial of your service. If they accept, make sure the experience is a positive one for the influencer. Then ask for an endorsement.

2. Write Useful Content

It goes without saying that your product descriptions should be accurate, useful, and entertaining. But don’t stop there. Add articles to your site that help buyers use your product. The more value you provide readers, the more they will look to you as an authority.
Post a blog on a regular basis. Feature stories about your customers. Explain why people prefer your product over others. Keep the focus on benefits for your readers.

3. Connect with Bloggers and the Press

Pinpoint blogs, vlogs, news sites, and community papers that influence your target market. When you find a good match, send a short pitch. Tell them why their readers would benefit by learning more about you and your products.

Explain what makes you distinctive. For local press and blogs, use the idea that you are a home-grown success story. Getting coverage is often easier when you launch your online store or when your product or concept is fresh and not well-known.

4. Use Email Marketing

Email isn’t old hat. Almost 3 billion email users are expected by 2019, with almost a quarter of billion of those in the U.S. That’s a lot of potential buyers.
Have an effective way to get contact information from visitors to your online store. Offer them a lead magnet, usually a download for completing an online form, with useful information in return for their email address. Then send them relevant information, with occasional sales offers, on a regular basis.

5. Use Social Media

Go where your target buyers gather. For internet shoppers, that means social media. One of the best platforms for online stores is Pinterest. According to Shopify, more than 90 percent of Pinterest users rely on it to plan purchases.
It’s easy to see why. People love photos and graphics, and that’s what Pinterest is. Use this fact to your advantage. Post photos of people using your product. Show unusual applications of your goods or services to catch their interest. Take high-quality photos to present products in an attractive, inviting manner.

Getting traffic is just one aspect of running a successful online store. Online business takes time, expertise, and attention to detail. Don’t let the e-commerce aspects cause you problems. Atandra is here to simplify your online store operations by providing effective, convenient, and easy-to-use order management solutions.