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5 Simple Ways to Increase Holiday Online Sales

Holiday online sales competition is fierce every year, but this year the world’s largest online merchants have announced their intention to offer the deepest discounts ever. This makes it very important to focus on retaining visitors to your online store and then helping them to accomplish their holiday gift giving tasks, especially if you cannot match or beat their pricing.

Here are five tips to increase online sales during this holiday season.

1. Showcase Items With Special Prices

Online shoppers are especially price sensitive since they plan to purchase many items as gifts for themselves and others. Buyers will experience numerous advertisements from “brick and mortar” stores focused on communicating their lowest prices of the year. Meet the expectations of visitors to your online stores by showing them your biggest discounts first.

2. Offer Online Coupons to Past Customers

Reminding past customers you are an online store they have trusted and used in the past gives you an advantage over other online alternatives—your competition. If you already plan to discount prices for the holidays, communicating these discounts in the form coupons allows you to advertise and promote these special holiday prices to your best customers.

3. Make Returns Convenient for Gift Recipients

One of the factors that makes online gift giving popular is its convenience. In a single visit, a buyer can choose, purchase, and deliver gifts to many people at once. However, no one wants to be remembered for sending a gift that doesn’t fit, is the “wrong” item, or has some other perceived deficiency. Eliminate buyer’s concerns about returns to increase gift giving.

4. Prepare Your Online Store for Success

If you are like most online stores, the holiday season is your busiest time of year. This means your website will see more visitors than normal and people will probable spend more time on your website that usual. Make it your mission to ensure everyone that visits your online store has a pleasant and productive experience with a highly responsive and reliable website.

5. Address Potential Privacy and Security Concerns

E-commerce transactions involve Private Personal Information (PPI) and sensitive financial information that include names, addresses, debit/credit card details, login credentials, and more. Even the largest online merchants struggle with keeping customer information private and secure, so use extra care during the holidays and communicate these efforts to buyers.