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5 Effective Hacks to Sell More on Amazon

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More than 170 million unique visitors go to the U.S. Amazon website each month. That’s a lot of prospective buyers to sell more items to! Just compare it to how many people come to your website in a given month. It’s easy to see that tapping into Amazon’s potential is a smart idea for the small shop.

As a marketplace, Amazon is efficient and convenient for vendors to sell more. It has a variety of tools that can streamline selling, distribution, and managing your shop. These tools and the size of the marketplace also mean you can scale up without worries.

To make the most of your Amazon experience, here are 5 tried-and-tested hacks that will help you sell more.

  1. Give Your Product a Great Title to Sell More

The title of your product is what draws the buyer in. You have 150 to 250 characters (not words) to get people interested. The three essentials in the title are:

  • The name of the brand
  • The name of the model or product
  • Features like color and size

Try to get one or two keywords into your title. This makes it easier for people interested in your product to find it when they search. But don’t stuff the title with keywords, which can make it unreadable.

  1. Sell More Using Lots of Images

Once customers find your listing, get them interested with images. This means investing in high caliber photos and graphics. It’s worth the money. Did you know that there’s a 15 percent conversion rate on Amazon product pages? The image you post is often what determines whether or not a visitor will actually buy from you.

Wondering how to photograph your product? Good shots include getting it from several angles, like the top, bottom and sides. Try to get a picture of it in action. Post a photo of the label. Include charts and other images that give customers information about your product.

  1. Make Your Description Easy to Read

Make your description of the product easy to read. That means avoid big clumps of text. Give it lots of white space. Break up the text with images, subheads and bullet points. Use short paragraphs.

Put the most important benefits of your product in the first few bullet points. Toward the end of your bulleted list, include answers to questions that are often asked.

  1. Pay Attention to Search Terms

Get familiar with the Search Terms section of Amazon’s seller guidelines. You have 5,000 characters to describe the benefits of your product. Make the best use of this by including a variety of search terms.

Never keyword stuff to the extent that your copy isn’t readable. But be sure to include, as naturally as possible, the words that prospective customers use to search for your type of product.

  1. Get Reviews

Your customers pay attention to reviews on Amazon, so you need to also. Amazon uses several metrics for measuring the average rating for products in each section. These include how old the review is, if the product was discounted, and if other shoppers click the “Helpful” button on a review. So it’s not just a matter of getting all your friends to give you 5-star reviews. In fact, that will work against you.

Be sure to monitor your reviews. Reply to negative ones and quickly respond to complaints. Another way to make a positive impression is to answer questions in the Questions and Answers section. Give full information in your answer, and make sure it is updated and accurate.

These hacks can increase your business on Amazon. To help you handle the money you get, team up with Atandra. Our T-HUB connects you with QuickBooks accounting, so you always stay up-to-date with your finances.